Pulling Machine

  • publish date : 2017/01/27
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MY2010 is designed to pull the dough of toffee and candy. The tray of the unit is from PTF which prevents sticking the dough to it. There are two jackets under the tray in which cold water is circulated and results in cooling the dough and prevents sticking it to the tray. This machine is equipped with PLC and monitoring system. Time for pulling the dough is adjustable to process all the products consistently and with high quality. After pulling the dough, arms are lifted automatically and the dough vacate. The unit is safe and it can’t be turned on when its door is open. The unit is equipped with inverter and its speed is adjustable for any kind of dough.

Machine Specifications:


Width: 165 cm

Height: 270 cm

Length: 230 cm