Coating Cabin MY2014

  • publish date : 2017/01/27
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This machine is equipped with PLC and monitoring system and operator can control machine manually or automatically. It is also equipped with Swedish alimentary polyamide conveyor belt which is very strong and with high quality and reduces likely damages to the products. This machine can be equipped with different steel or plastic conveyor belt depending on the product. Chocolate dropping nuzzles are equipped with nuzzle cleaner which automatically prevents nuzzles from clogging.

At the end of machine feeding process, the products are discharged by inverse rotation of the end of roller. This machine is equipped with inverter which makes it possible to control the speed of the machine for different products. The products are produced automatically without the interference in the production process.

This machine is used to coat different dried fruits such as raisin, hazelnut, pistachio, scorched chickpea, biscuit, wafer and etc with chocolate.

Machine Specifications:


Width: 150 cm

Height: 275 cm

Length: 210 cm