MY200 system (extruder ,wire-cutter ,depositor)

  • publish date : 2017/01/27
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MY200 system is used for the injection and layering pastries and roulettes in the tray with same thickness like layerd pastries,various types of dough candy and all kind of biscuit that are done

Through wire-cutting process .

This system has many unique features that distinguishes the producer from other competitors.


-easy to exchange equipments

-Easy to clean all the parts that have been in contact with dough

-mass production by choosing the wanted pastry from monitor

-additional optional units for decorating cakes by raising and lowering dosing tool and shaping in conveyor belt shapes.

My200 pastry production machine has 3 different unit :

A: constant mold

B: with rotational moulds

C: moulds with wire-cutter

Technical specifications:

-tray width 400mm and 600 mm in length

-injection speed depends on the material

-plc is to control all system activities

-The machine can move from left to right or right to left

-all movements are controlled automatically.