Depositor MY20A

  • publish date : 2017/01/27
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Depositor MY20A is an extremely versatile depositor and we can use it independently or can be incorporated into production lines.though it is smaller than big depositors,is able to deposit very fast and accurate .all the parts in contact with the product can be easily and quickly removed without using special tools in order to ease the cleaning process and it is also provided with a series of accessories .now it is made in different models and extraordinary properties.


-quick changeover and clean –up fast and accurate depo

-easy downfall from hopper


Injecting marmalade ,chocolate and into fifferent cake ,sweet,confectionery

-depositing different desserts and jams

-depositing different cakes such as fruity,cream and etc

-decorating different cakes,desserts and confectioneries

-filling various food products