Injection Machine MY2016

  • publish date : 2017/01/27
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MY2016 is designed to inject different kinds of heavy material such as jam, cream, marmalade, etc into any kind of cakes and confectioneries. The speed of the machine is controllable and capacity of the production depend on the number of nuzzles. The amount of injecting for each nuzzle is adjustable from 2 to 40 gram, also it can be adjusted up to 1 gram. Each nuzzle has a separated piston and injected values are the same for all of products. The number of nuzzles for this unit can be 4 to 12 nuzzles, according to the customer’s order. It is equipped with PLC and monitoring system which makes it easy for the operator to do all adjustments. Product loading can be manual or automatic in the production line. The final product also can be transferred to the packing station by conveyor belt. For the products which should be injected with hot chocolate or cream, the container is double jacketed and the temperature of the product is controlled by hot water which is circulated by the pump in the unit.

Machine Specifications:


Width: 150 cm

Height: 175 cm

Length: 570 cm