Filling Pump MY2001

  • publish date : 2017/01/27
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Double jacketed tank (steel), mixer and control panel are installed on the chassis of the unit and also water pump and hot water pipe has connected to it.


An inverter is installed in the control panel or in the rope sizer and monitor is located in the rope sizer unit and control can be done with simple operation in EC form. This machine is also equipped with extrusion pipe with PTF Teflon coat that prevents sugar mass from sticking to it and results in easy move of the materials.


While this unit fills products constantly and precisely, it also can adjust and support definite amounts and temperatures. It also heats liquid or semi liquid materials or injectable dough forms such as filled candy, soft candy, milky candy, filled gum, etc…

Machine Specifications:


Width: 102 cm

Height: 140 cm

Length: 145 cm