Extruder MY2020

  • publish date : 2017/01/27
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This machine is suitable for masses with up to 10% fat content. Unnecessary product stress and thermal load is avoided by minimum tolerance and mass optimal guide, enabling a very consistent and stable output. This machine is equipped with PLC and HMI monitor and feeding inverters and extruder which enable the easy control of the machine in production process.

There is the possibility to design and manufacture this machine for a fat content of more than 10% and also for multi-color and filled ropes. This Extruder unit is designed to feed minimum two cut and wrap packing machine or with one output for two-colored  filled toffee with the capacity of 1 Ton.  This unit is also equipped with temperature control system for hot and cold water and every temperature is adjustable.

Machine Specifications:


Width: 95cm

Height: 185 cm

Length: 265 cm